Behavioral-Electrophysiology: Facilities

At present, there is one Behavioral Testing room in the Kaka'ako Vivarium

Behavior room leftBehavior room inner

Isolated mouse hotels (left) are outside of the primary testing chamber (right)
There is also an inner chamber containing a Morris water maze

Testing available:
Initial Battery
-General (Body and Limb Tone; Homecage Locomotion; Rearing; Grooming; Nesting; Sleeping)
-Sensory (Forepaw reach; Eyeblink; Ear twitch; Whisker twitch; Toe pinch; Acoustic Startle; Hot Plate)
-Motor (Righting reflex; Gait-footprint test; Balance beam; Open Field; Rotarod; Hanging wire-grip)
-Emotion (Gnawing; Aggression)

Learning and Memory
-Contextual Fear Conditioning
-Cued Fear Conditioning
-Trace Fear Conditioning
-Morris Water Maze
-Barnes Maze
-Radial Arm Maze
-Novel Object Recognition
-Latent Inhibition

-Vertical Rod Inversion Test
-Nociception test
-Startle and Pre-Pulse Inhibition

-Elevated Plus Maze
-Open Field
-Forced Swim test
-Tail Suspension test
-Social Interaction
-Aggressive behaviors


The Electrophysiology Suite, housed on the second floor of the Biosciences Building at Kaka'ako, has two extracellular recording stations

Recording suiteRecording rig

Electrophysiology suite (left) with a close up of one of the recording stages (right)

Electrophysiological measurements available:
Extracellular Recording
-Input/Output (I/O)
-Paired-Pulse Facilitation
-Post-tetanic Potentiation
-Long-Term Potentiation


Data Analysis:
The Core Staff will provide initial help with data analysis. Some of the acquisition software has built-in data analysis. Full analysis of data will be the responsibility of the user.