Behavioral-Electrophysiology Core

The mission of the Behavioral-Electrophysiological Murine Phenotyping Core is to foster Neuroscience research in Hawai'i. In addition, it will also provide a means for researchers outside of the field of Neuroscience to engage in Neuroscience research. The Core provides expertise and facilities in behavioral testing and electrophysiological recording. Specifically, the Core will provide for behavioral testing in learning and memory; sensi-Motor function; emotion (anxiety/stress/depression); social interaction. The Core also will provide extracellular recording in brain slices to test for synaptic stimulus input/output; paired-pulse facilitation; post-tetanic potentiation; long-term potentation; long-term depression. At present, the Core is under development as a service facility. However, interested investigators may contact one of the Core Co-Directors to discuss possible collaborative studies.

Co-Director for Behavioral Testing: Cedomir Todorovic, Ph.D. (cedomir@hawaii.edu)
Co-Director for Electrophysiology: Rick Bellinger, Ph.D. (fb@hawaii.edu)

Core Director: Robert A. Nichols, Ph.D. (robert.nichols@hawaii.edu)