Microscopy Core: Facilities

The facility has a wide variety of imaging systems, managed by the RCMI Microscopy Core team, and includes standard fluorescent microscopes and several confocal microscopes, each with unique properties and analytical features. The equipment in the Core was donated by various faculty members or programs in the medical school (Cell & Molecular Biology; Cardiovascular Research) and is available to all investigators in Hawai'i and their staff upon training. Hourly rates apply to use of the confocal microscopes.

The Microscopy Suite has six microscopes:

Olympus IX71 inverted fluorescence microscope with Macrofire camera (filter sets for DAPI, FITC/EGFP/BODIPY/DIO, TRITC/Rhodamine/DIL and Texas Red)

Upright Zeiss Axioskop II Plus with AxioCam MRc camera, ASI motorized stage and stereology package (UV: G365nm excitation, LP420nm emission; Blue: BP450-490nm excitation, BP515-565nm emission; Green: BP546nm excitation, LP590 emission – all with intermediate dichroics)

Upright Zeiss Axioimager station with Zeiss AxioCam HRm camera

Zeiss Pascal
Zeiss LSM 5 Pascal confocal system on a Zeiss Axiovert 200M (excitation at 488 and 514 nm (Argon laser), and 543 and 633nm (Helium-Neon laser). A full range of BP, DM and LP filters allow for 2-channel recording

Nikon Cameleon 3-Channel AOTF LSM confocal microscope (excitation at 405, 457, 488, 514 and 552nm fully controlled by an acousto-optic tunable filter (AOTF)), with full set of dichroic, band-pass and long-pass filters to allow simultaneous 3-channel recording.)

Olympus spinning disk (DSU) confocal system on a Olympus IX81 with beam splitter and environmental chamber (UV: 330-385nm excitation, 420nm emission; Blue: 450-480nm excitation, 515nm emission; Green: 510-550nm excitation; 590nm emission; FL-Cube for triple channel – all with intermediate dichroics)

The Core also has an IR Imager:

Li-Cor Odyssey two-channel Infra-Red imager