Proteomics Core

Core Director: Qing X. Li, Ph.D. (qingl@hawaii.edu)
Core Co-Director: Lucia A. Seale, Ph.D. (lseale@hawaii.edu)

The Proteomics Core is located in the Agricultural Sciences Building on the Manoa Campus
1955 East-West Rd., Room 402, Honolulu, HI. Tel. 808.956.2011

JABSOM Users: There is a satellite lab for sample preparation in BSB 203 in CMB

Proteomics is the study of the proteome or the entirety of proteins, particularly structures and functions of proteins in a biological system. The proteome is the ensemble of proteins expressed under a specific physiological condition while its genome refers solely to the complete set of genes. Proteomics involves identification and profiling of all proteins or as many as possible of proteins in a sample, quantitation of proteins, protein networks (e.g., molecular interactions), protein folding, and protein characterization (e.g., post-translational modifications). It also involves expression of proteins at a particular physiological state of the organism or cell or in response to genetic manipulations. Proteomics techniques have been well applied to biomedical research, behavioral and physiological research, reproductive and developmental biology research, drug discovery, clinical research and diagnostics, disease marker discovery, and etc. Proteomics has become an indispensible tool in basic, clinical and translational research.

The Proteomics Core provides medical communities with state-of-the-art proteomics platforms, resources, expertise and training to advance clinical and biomedical research and education. To maximize its function and service, the Proteomics Core can be accessed via the following portal as entry point for all investigators and community participants accessing capabilities, services, and training materials.

Please visit the Proteomics Core website: