Biostatistics, Research Design and Research Ethics Core


John Chen, Ph.D., Core Director (jjchen@hawaii.edu)

Jun Panee, Ph.D., Research Ethics Co-Director (junchen@hawaii.edu)

The Biostatistics, Research Design and Research Ethics Core provides a centralized resource for research methodology skills needed to conduct appropriately designed, hypothesis-driven biomedical research and ensure that all researchers implement ethical principles in biomedical research. Biostatistics is essential to all phases of a research project. Our Biostatisticians will participate in collaborative research and consultation, conduct methodological research and provide statistical education. In addition to a graduate-level course in research ethics, the Core Co-Director will serve as a resource to investigators on ethical matters in research.

For more information on Biostatistics and Research Design Services, please visit the JABSOM Biostatistics & Data Management Core website: