Pilot Projects Program

Year 3 Awardees

Matt Pitts
Assistant Researcher
Department of Cell & Molecular Biology
"Role of Selenoprotein M in Hypothalamic ER Stress and Leptin Signaling"

Ben Fogelgren
Assistant Professor
Department of Anatomy, Biochemistry and Physiology
"New Models to Study Glucose Transport in Response to Insulin"

Johann Urschitz
Assistant Research
Institute for Biogenesis Research
"Placenta-specific Glucose Transporter Modulation: Obesity, Metabolic Effects and Fetal Well-being

Alika Maunakea
Assistant Professor
Native Hawaiian Health
"Evaluating the Impact of a Community-based Diabetes Intervention on Monocyte Epigenomes of Native Hawaiians and Pacific People"

Susana Helm
Associate Professor
Department of Psychiatry
"Puni Ke Ola Project: Analysis and Cultural Auditing to Develop a Native Hawaiian Model of Drug Prevention"