RMATRIX: RCMI Multidisciplinary and Translational Research Infrastructure eXpansion (http://rmatrix.jabsom.hawaii.edu)
RCTR: RCMI Intrastructure for Clinical and Translational Research (5 RCTR Centers across the country)
RTRN: RCMI Translational Research Network
INBRE II: IDeA Network of Biomedical Research Excellence (http://inbre.jabsom.hawaii.edu)
COBRE: Center of Biomedical Research Excellence
• Center for Cardiovascular Research (https://sites.google.com/site/ccrheart)
• Institute for Biogenesis Research (http://www.ibr.hawaii.edu)
• Pacific Center for Emerging Infectious Diseases (http://pceidr.jabsom.hawaii.edu)
CNPHDR: Center for Native and Pacific Health Disparities Research (http://www3.jabsom.hawaii.edu/native)

Our Collaborations and Partnerships in RCMI-BRIDGES is headed by our Local Research Ambassador, Dr. David Easa. Dr. David Easa has been highly involved in multiple aspects of the NCRR-supported programs at UH since their inception, and has vast historical and current knowledge of the workings of these programs. Dr. Easa works closely with the leadership of the RCMI-BRIDGES, RCTR, CNPHDR, INBRE, and COBRE programs and with other NIH-funded programs at UH, as well as the other RCMI institutions through RTRN, to facilitate collaborations between researchers from different disciplines, departments and/or programs within the institution, as well as collaborators with investigators at other institutions.